Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Week

Its been a long time that i last posted on my blog. Well, there's been many things going on the past week and a half. For example, last week was a very exciting/happy week. I attended 2 family birthday parties. On thursday we celebrated my cousins birthday; he turned 16 this year. On friday was even better because my cousin had her little baby boy & his name is Bradley. On saturday was really good because to start off my day i went to bike ride to santa monica for like about 2 hours. Then when i got back i went to my soccer game that i had scheduled at 3:00. By the end of the day i was really worn out & i really didn't want to do anything. Sunday was the bad part. I worked 10 hours straight at my new job. I went in at 8:00am & came out until 6:15pm. As son as i got home i slept until the next day. So far its been really fun. :D