Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day Weekend

                 This past weekend was President's Day weekend. We had a 3 day weekend & i had a lot of fun starting since friday. On friday I had a soccer game at my school, James Monroe HS, against South Gate. it was our first playoff game. On saturday morning I went to the park with my dad to go see his team play & they won 1-0. Then we went home & we got ready to go out because we were heading to Agua Caliente Casino to this restaurant that's inside. We went there to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. It was a really long drive but it was worth the wait. That night, I got home really late & i had to wake up early the next day. On sunday morning i woke up around 7:00 & I helped my dad fix my mom's car. After that, we went out with my family to the mall & on our way back home we passed to Chipotle to eat; it was really good. On my way home from Chipotle, my friend called me & told me if I wanted to go to the theaters & so I accepted & I told my girlfriend & we went to pick her up on our way to the theaters. I had a lot of fun & i really enjoyed my weekend. Hopefully you did too. :D

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