Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 This past weekend wasn't that good for me , i spent most of my weekend sick & with a runny nose because i had a cold. i still have it a little but not as much as i had it during the weekend. Another reason why it wasn't that good was because my favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona, lost against their rival, Real Madrid. It was a disappointment because they always beat them & they lost on saturday. But like my dad said,"every team has to lose at least one time." I agree with him because in the league that i play in, my team was unbeatable. We had won 13 games in a row and one day that we least expected, we lost against a team that we had beaten 4 times in a row. Anywho, i had a couple of good things that happened that same weekend. One of them was that i went fixie riding with my cousin & my sister for about 1 hour & 1/2 & on the way back we went to In-N-Out.

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